Sham Shui Po Centre (2014-2016)

Founded in 2014 in Sham Shui Po, Above and Beyond Education is the first social enterprise that instructs on positive education and social-emotional learning, focusing on the needs of grassroots families. Because of landlord issue, the physical centre was forced to transform into a virtual centre from the fall of 2016 in order to continue promoting positive education and social-emotional learning.

The Sham Shui Po Centre combined academic studies with life education to provide a quality education service to grassroots families. Those in need could enjoy the service for free. We believe:

  • Learning is like a scoop of ice-cream; it is sweet, always our favourite, and will cheer us up. Most importantly, students can hopefully extend their joy of learning into their life.
  • To help the next generation flourish, we need to develop their virtues, learning ability, healthy wellbeing, positive relationships, and resilience through positive education and social-emotional learning
  • We also need to educate parents in order to develop strong, supportive relationships between students and their parents, the bedrock to everyone’s well-being. Building more harmonious families will ultimately lead to a better society
  • A social enterprise model allows us to provide a positive and autonomous learning and development opportunity for students from different backgrounds.

“Unconventional Summer” Cable TV, September 4, 2015

Unlike traditional summer courses, Above and Beyond Education placed happy learning as the first priority. Apart from homework and academic performance, we hoped to teach students self-awareness, self-discipline, responsibilities, life skills, inter-personal skills, the ability to self-learn, and resilience, so that they can grow up and fulfil their potential.

“Business Kids”, Cable TV, September 1, 2016

“Small Brain, Big Project” was organised by the summer course students of the Centre. They raised money by selling their own handmade crafts and busking so they could buy a school bus for the only school for Myanmar refugees on the northern border of Thailand.

"Sweet student will always return to the Centre”, Apple Daily,August 13, 2016

Above and Beyond Education was originally located in an old building in Sham Shui Po. The lease was suddenly terminated early by the landlord, while a lot of rental issues surfaced at the new premise. With tons of pressure from legal disputes, the Centre was forced to transform into a virtual one after the summer of 2016.

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